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MICHAEL LANCTO, Entrepreneur and Success Coach

Starting from $0 income and heavily in debt, Michael has successfully
coached many people all over the country to earn more income residually
by working from home, then they earned on any job in their life.

YOU CAN BE NEXT ... just contact Michael today!!


Michael was born and raised in a middle-class home in Flint, MI.  His family also owned a log cabin on Houghton Lake, MI for frequent vacations and weekend get-aways.

Michael joined the U.S. Air Force and served as a Disbursement Accountant Specialist.  His duty assignments included Peterson AFB, CO and Ramstein AB, Germany for a total of 5 and half years.

Michael graduated Salutatorian with highest honors from a Bible College/seminary in Florida.  After graduation, Michael spent six years as a missionary to the military in Germany, then six years after that as a pastor (MI and AL), and then one year as a Bible teacher in Florida.


Michael had a dream - a desire to one-day have a fulltime income from his own business so that he could volunteer any ministry services. 

Since 1983 Michael tried over 25 home businesses, in search of the solution to finance his dream.

These companies included: (although most are NOT recommended today):  A Business For Everyone, ACN, America's Best Choice, Ameriplan USA, Amway, CD Express, CDI, Changes International, Cognigen, CTI,  FCI, Flat Rate Telephone, Global Family Network, Hedgebuilders, Idea Concepts, Leader's Club, Melaleuca, New Image, PK Communications, Progressive Fortune, ProStep, Refer Everyone, Saetac, Shaklee, Spectrum, The Success Club, and WorldLink.

Keep in mind the above businesses represent:

  • 11 Telecommunications Companies
  • 5 Nutritional Companies
  • 2 ISP companies
  • 2 Leads Companies
  • 2 Product-based Companies
  • 1 Music Company
  • 1 Training Company
  • 1 Travel Company
  • 1 Health Care Benefits Company

The good news is that Michael learned many lessons over these years and gathered many tools and techniques that he would be able to implement into the right home business.


In May 1999 Michael's dream began to come true.  Michael created TEAM 2000, with a goal of coaching 2,000 people to financial independence and security.

On his journey, Michael's income is a success story many would like for themselves.  To not have a boss, wake up when you're done sleeping, travel when and where you want to - is a lifestyle that most people only dream about, but Michael lives and better yet TEACHES many average people how they can enjoy that also.


Michael's dreams continue to come true.  He has revisited the mission field at his own expense.  He has served as an interim pastor.  He has filled numerous pulpits as a guest speaker and/or teacher.  Michael continues his efforts of serving others with his internet skills and services.  Now, the sky is the limit.

Michael was able to build a brand new 5 bedroom brick home that sits on 2.75 acres in a beautiful new development in Jacksonville, Florida.  That sold in May 2009.  Michael then built a new home closer to the beach in Jacksonville, FL.

The dream of owning a two-seater sports car, came true for Michael also.  In 2002 God blessed Michael's business to the point of rejoicing in his yellow two-seater S2000 convertible which has more horse-power per liter than any other naturally aspirated production engine made in the world.

If Michael has a hobby, its cars.  God continued to bless Michael's business and in 2003 Michael bought another sports car.  This time is was a Dodge Viper Venom 600. Yes 602 raw horse power and a top speed over 200 mph.  WOW!

Click to see a picture of Michael, the dream cars made possible thanks to Michael's home business.


Michael's passion is to help others.  Teaching and motivation are talents to accomplish this goal.  Michael says, "there's an inner peace that comes when you know you've done something to help others, and there are so many ways we can help others."

Michael has already been invited to train thousands of people how to be successful all over the country.  These locations include:

1) Atlanta 7) Houston 13) Nashville
2) Boston 8) Jacksonville 14) Ontario
3) Dallas 9) Kansas City 15) Orlando
4) Daytona Beach 10) Las Vegas 16) Richmond
5) Detroit 11) Los Angeles 17) Tampa
6) Ft Lauderdale 12) Miami 18) W Palm Beach

If you allow Michael to personally mentor you, there is no charge for his personal training.

Michael Lancto Multi-Millionaire' Club Member

Michael is always looking for good people whom he can help.  Michael's PASSION is to help as many people personally to achieve a residual income that is more than enough to pay for all their bills and have money left over. 
to coach and mentor you - that you will turn a profit in less than 30 days, and many will be in a profit within TEN DAYS.  Michael is available to coach and mentor up to 12 hours per day, 6 days per week.

Does that sound like what you're looking for? If YES, contact Michael TODAY!!  If you are searching for answers in any of the related areas above, email or call Michael today at the phone number below:

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1.  God as my witness I will only tell you the truth.
2.  I will not spam you
3.  I will never give your info to any other company.
4.  I will strive to be the best coach and mentor ever.
5.  I am available Mon-Sat 9am-9pm EST
6.  I have extended hours if you live out west.
7.  I will stop contacting you immediately upon request.
8.  I will not pressure you to join, signup, etc.

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