Perpetual BIBLE Reading Schedule

By: Michael Lancto

Why this unique method of reading through the Bible?

1.  VARIETY - Someone once said, "Variety is the spice of life." While it's not in the Bible, it does ring true for most people.  This Bible Reading Schedule pulls from the four general categories of the Bible each day.  It is intended that at the very least the reader will find a minimum of one Bible passage each day that is not only interesting, but also practical for daily living.  

Other Bible Reading Schedules seem to give little thought as to the content of the passages being read each day.  Thus the reader may find days in a row where he/she is reading lengthy passages of  "so and so begat so and so" or lengthy passages of intricate details of the priest's clothing, etc.  Yes, we do believe that these are inspired Scripture with value, and we are also sensitive enough not to ONLY feed the reader this type of spiritual diet day after day.  At the same time, the reader of this unique Bible reading plan will read every verse in the entire Bible.  No chapter or verse is overlooked.

2. INTERESTING - Occasionally someone initially says, "I cannot keep track of FOUR different Bible passages from day to day."  But research has shown that the AVERAGE person can easily track TEN different stories at one time.  But it's OK to be skeptical ... take the challenge and give it a try.  More often than not the skeptic becomes a believer by the end of the first week.

3.  FLEXIBLE - Either print out this Bible Reading Schedule, or view the schedule online at our website. 

4.  PERPETUAL - You will not have to obtain a new Bible Reading Schedule each year as this is not based upon the normal "wall calendar" where a particular day falls on a different day of the week from year to year.

5. YOUR GREATEST HELP!! - We would be remiss in our duty before the Lord and to you, if we did not tell you that you will gain little from your Bible reading if you do not already know the Author of the Bible as your personal Lord and Savior. Thus to very simply assist you in this matter, we here provide you with the GOODNEWS slideshow presentation of Heaven.  CLICK HERE and download this fun program.  It's great for teens and small children too.  People of all ages enjoy it.  Unzip it to a folder or subdirectory on your hard drive.  Then type GO and it will run all on it's own for about 12 minutes.  It's FREE so you can pass it along to others.


Please note that the Perpetual BIBLE Reading Schedule is free for individuals and non-profit organizations to link to or use on their web page as long as it is not altered or presented as their own work.  Special thanks to my good friend George Rundle for his extensive assistance in this project when we served as foreign missionaries together.  Please send your comments - CLICK HERE!